Cleaned Up and Ready for 2019

What happens after you’ve done your New Year decluttering scramble? Your house is now clean, your items are sorted, you’ve made a billion runs to Goodwill. Now what?

How about giving a little love to those walls? While wallpaper is a fun way to add texture and color to a room, it can feel like quite a luxury… especially after splurging throughout the holiday season. 

Enter, stencils!

We’re not talking about your grandma’s fruit basket stencil to border the kitchen molding.

We’re talking chic.

We’re talking beautiful.

We’re talking timeless designs.

And, unlike wallpaper, you can get as specific with color as your little heart desires. 

So go ahead and crush that decluttering. Throw out those crusty baking pans you never use. Toss the broken laundry basket. Clean out the scary office drawer. Donate those size 0 jeans (let’s be honest, easy breathing is the new sexy!)

Apartment Therapy has a whole slew of great practices and tactics for getting your space into tip top shape. Use their January Cure to organize all month long. 


Then hit the walls with some color love! We’ll help bring the inspiration for your new look!

Want the update without the sweat? We are your experts when it comes to adding a little color + zing to your walls. Contact us to set up a consultation and view our extensive sample wall of stencils and finishes!