Decorative Art

Rich with variations in texture & movement, decorative art provides is the extra finishing step beyond paint. Not just for walls, custom finishes can be applied to floors, furniture, and millwork with versatility of color correcting, blending, and even disguising.  Decorative finishing is an amazing way to create beauty that brings a new layer of life to your home. 


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Did you know?

We also specialize in color correcting and re-coloring. What does that mean? It means, if you don’t love something in your home (ie, that super worn banister stain, the yellowed stone in your bathroom, that 1982 fireplace hearth, and so forth…), we can give it new life and make you fall head over heels for it.

Many of our finishes are versatile. Applications can be made on walls, ceilings, furniture, and more.

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Color COrrection for wood

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Mural + Paper Restoration

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color correction for stone

Disguise Work

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Color Consulting

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Wallpaper Inspired custom stencils

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Commissioned artwork

All That We Do

Plaster: Venetian Plaster (smooth like glass, natural/complex, with clear or mica waxed) Lime Plaster (polished or rough), Matte Plaster, Lime Wash, Layered Plaster, Metallic Plaster, Concrete Plaster

Classic: Marbleizing, Strie, Faux Bois, Tamisé Leaf, Trompe L’oeil, Gilding

Glazes: Parchment Glazes, Fabric Glazes, Strie, Grass Cloth, Color Wash, Ombré, Watercolor

Stencils + Patterns: Custom, Wallpaper-Inspired, Imbedded Plaster, High/Low Gloss, Multi-Colored, Layered, Stripes of All Kinds

Specialities: Hand-Painting + Decorative Details, Floor Inlayed Patterns + Painted Designs, High Glossing, Stained Concrete

Millwork: Cerused, Glaze, Color Correct, Painted, Antiquing, Driftwood, Wood Bleaching, Non-Invasive Coloring Shifting for All Types of Wood

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Venetian Plaster

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Stencils + patterns

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Lime Plaster

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Metallic Silk

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Crosshatch + Combed textures

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Metallic textures

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Fabric Glazes

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Faux Bois + Specialty Glazes


Treated woodwork

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Washed Glazes